Thursday, 3 November 2016

new audio-related thingy purchase

well, not so new. more like, last week. 

so when i stepped onto the bus platform, my hands were already gouging for the earphones, it's almost automatic. so you can imagine the panic, and how the light went out in my eyes when i discovered the compartment was FUCKING EMPTY.

i called my mother, asked her to look for it in the car. although it's not with me, but at least i can be assured that it's safe, somewhere. but noooo, it's nowhere to be found. the last image of it that i can remember is i put it on the shotgun seat, and then *poof* it's black. i really should get my brain checked soon

so, frustrated, i board the bus, and spent the next four friggin' hours in the soul-numbing boredom, and i thanked god that the baby in the bus didn't cry of anything. which was kinda amazing, actually. kudos, little guy's parents.

i had to get a new pair for the journey back home. so i went to the sony outlet in ioi mall, and get this, they were having 10% discount! yay!

so, i got this.

though the split second after i made the purchase, i instantly regret choosing the white one. well i thought it's nice to have some changes (the previous ones were black) but then i remembered the white ones get stained too easily

and the black ones actually looked cooler! self-reminder: whatever earphone you buy after this, choose black! 

and the sound quality is amazing. i can't hear people talking to me after i put it in. i'm a happy camper.

that's all for now.

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