Wednesday, 9 November 2011


Mischa walked down the empty road with her white veil flowing against her jet black locks. It's so quiet, she could hear her own breathing. She was dumbfounded; she had heard from the others that a party was to be held on the road. And every guest was suppose to wear a costume. Just a typical party for Halloween. And there she was. Alone. No one told her the party was cancelled. Not even ones close to her.

"Fuck you guys", she mumbled under her breath. What's the use of being friends if there's no appreciation?  She walked back to where she came from with quickened strides which made her long wedding gown bloated up with the strong wind, and the fake blood on the side of her lips dripped down onto her chest.

"They're always like this. Once I get it over with this university course, I'm off of them. Of the neverending drama. Of the bitches. Of the sluts. Of the hypocrites."

"And I had to face the new bitches, sluts and hypocrites in the place where I soon work at. Damn."

Mischa realized her phone was vibrating. Winnie called, hesitantly apologizing about the party, saying that she was meant to tell her about it, but the others didn't allow her to do that. With means to make her look like a fool; dressing up in a lonely road alone. They even took her phone away and just gave it to her seconds ago. Mischa smiled and thanked her.

"Maybe I'd like to keep some, even after the course."

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