Tuesday, 15 November 2011

his words remind me why i love him so much in the first place

"... There are going to be times when we're not happy with who we are or what we've done. Times when obstacles are going to jump in our way. Times when the whole world looks like shit...and times when we're going to be really hurt because of it. But...does that mean we have to roll over and die everytime we hit a bump in the road? Do we give up? On our friends? On our family? On the world? On ourselves?

Yeah, I've been called an optimist. I wear the nametag proudly. Yes, I've seen hard times. Yes, I've had my heart broken. Yes, I've had a 'less than glorious' childhood. I've been shy, I've been awkward, I've been angry, I've been depressed. Trust me...there is NOTHING about my life that would allow somebody to say, "Well, of course HE'S happy! He's got everything going for him." No...I don't. I'm not going to pretend that every day of my life is a happy one. I'm not going to pretend that I have some goal where I can say, "Once I finish this...I'll never have another problem again." I'm an optimist, but I'm not an idiot. I am in touch with reality, you know?

But happiness doesn't mean NO pain and NO rainy days. Happiness is appreciating the good times that you've got, and knowing that when the bad times come...you'll get through them just fine. It's just a matter of looking at the current parts of your life, the state of the people and the world around you."

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