Sunday, 9 October 2011

scattered leaves

yesterday i went to The Summit USJ to pursue my usual weekend activities with Mr. R. one of our pit-stop included cinema, so we picked this horror movie titled "Al-Hijab" directed-cum-starred by Pierre Andre. ( actually, i'm not a fan of horror + supernatural movies, judging from my overloaded illusion and fear of baseless fear ) 

and for a Malay movie, actually it was not that bad ( though almost in all the frightening moment i had half of my view blocked by my purse ) and added with my favoritism towards Pierre Andre, it was quite worthwhile. 

as you can google, this movie is about a committed new actor who is going to act in a horror movie. being too much into acting, he was dying to get the feeling of seeing ghost, because he himself had never seen one, and never feel afraid towards 'em. so he tried to get help to open his 'hijab' so that he can see things residing on the other dimension. he did. and it's not a pretty sight.

i just love the new actor acting as Pierre's lover, which i have forgotten her name now. she seems so experienced. she's not stiff like some other actresses who are hired-to-act-based-on-looks-ONLY. 

off topic,

me : Pierre's so good-looking!

Mr. R : so is Farid Kamil.

me : Pierre is 'good guy' kind of good-looking, the other one is 'playboy' kind of good-looking....

Mr. R : oh...



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