Sunday, 9 October 2011

1. ruffled audacity

Ana promptly stood up whe she heard her name being called, so as several of her classmates when their names were announced by the boy standing at the entrance door. He was holding a basket of cupcakes carefully put inside decorated lacy containers. 

"Annalisa?" he asked, so she nodded. He softly reached for one white cupcake residing in a container of black lace and many, many black hearts and put it her way. Ana slowly took it, with confusion and a wee bit of happiness. 

"This one is very special, in fact it's the most costly because everything is custom-requested by the sender. You're so lucky, he loves you so much." the boy said before attending to the others. He who? Who would've gone to this extent for me? Ana opened the lid to find one little note beside the cupcake. She opened it, as curiosity instructed her to. 

"You like black and white, i hope you'll enjoy this right.


 Annalisa frowned, as the black clouds started appearing all over her mind. The vision appeared again in her mind. That smile. Those hands. The evil laugh. 

He's back.

And I must be gone.


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