Saturday, 7 December 2013

eleanor & park : my thoughts

after Lolita (which is to me, quite a heavy read), i wanted something light, so i chose to read Eleanor & Park. it's a YA (young adult) fiction that i guess from the title, revolves around two characters, eleanor and park. ha. talking about the obvious.

anyway, from the first page, i was hooked. i mean, HOOKED with capital letters. i finished reading within a day. 5 hours tops. just couldn't stop.

the book is lovable. 
read it. 
read IT. 
READ it. 

this is one book that i'm going to buy the physical, real-paper-and-everything book because it's that good. 

this is one of the books i'm gonna want my kids to read when they are young adult themselves.

this is the book that i'm gonna wanna reread one fine day when the sky is too dark and the ground is too wobbly to stand. or any day i'm feeling bored.

but coz i'm a sucker for happy ending, this book kinda... blew me... is it 'blew me away' or 'blew me off'? i dunno. the ending kinda turn me off.

but at the same time, it adds another layer of meaning inside the book. so it wasn't necessarily bad that it has 'that' kind of ending. still hating it, tho. T_T

so, coz i really love the characters, i kinda draw them. so this is the drawing. i really liked the raw one, but to give it more connection to the characters (Eleanor's red hair and Park's affection for black attire) i kinda had to put on some colour. 

tho being the amateur-moi, the end product of colored version is kinda messed up. 

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