Sunday, 24 November 2013

beginning of sleepless ER night

tonight, i went to Sup Meletup at Bandar Sri Permaisuri for the second time.

and of course, i had two bowls of soup AGAIN, and this time i opt for 
i) sup daging
ii) sup perut

this time they separate the sauce so that we can adjust the spiciness of the soup. of course, i keep on adding the sauce till my soup take on some kind of reddish hue with added viscosity.

best soup i ever had. 

next time, i have to remember the road so that mr.f can take me there :P

and thank god, i successfully managed to fight against the temptation of nasi goreng kampung. probably coz i only bring rm12 with me. rm10 for the soup, and rm2 for the iced milk tea. 

(i'm really sorry for my insulin level and ketosis, but iced milk tea is not something that mere resolution can fight off)  

but in the end, it doesn't matter, coz someone actually planned to give us a treat! XD thanks to Humairah, my beloved roommate. hahaha

and woot for Julia for the idea to go there, and Iqram for the short preach on hadith and Amrican accent, and his petrol.


p/s: i thought of taking some pictures because i want to blog about the trip this time, but... but... hunger wins, as ALWAYS.

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