Friday, 1 February 2013

last list for january

i never actually see myself as a fantasy fan, but i love this novel. it tells a romantic story between Esmerine and Alan, a siren and a fandarsee. While siren is more to people living in the sea, fandarsee is the race of human that can fly in the sky, thus the title.


this book comprises two short stories, Girl in the Mirror and the Memory Maker. the first story is quite predictable; we always know they will be something bad living behind the mirrors, especially when they are always covered with clothes.

the second story is not up to my liking, i'd say it's rather empty and boring.


Something Borrowed and Something Blue is actually a chronicle of some sort, about two best friends, Rachel and Darcy.

Something Borrowed's essence is depicted from Rachel's point of view, it tells us of how she's the girl next door who is nice to everyone, even to the worst best friend in the whole world, Darcy. Unlike Rachel. Darcy is pretentious and crave winning, eventhough she was already perfect. Therefore she strive to win everything which in turn destroy Rachel bit by bit without they even knowing it. 

Something Blue follows Darcy's life after her wedding is cancelled and she was pregnant with another man's child, a man that doesn't even truly loved her. She turned to Ethan, another childhood friend, and try to change when reprimanded by him. It's a happy ending, so it's good.

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